Aircraft Carrier Creative Set

Manufacturer: Sluban
Product Code: Navy28
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This set consists of 1001 building blocks which can be used to build the aircraft carrier pictured. In addition the blocks can also be used to construct a total of 27 other vehicles (9 built at a time).

So to clarify you will get nine different sets. Each set can be used to make 3 different military vehicles. You can also combine the blocks from all 9 sets to make the aircraft carrier pictured.

The pieces in this set are made from certified ABS plastic and are fully compatible with all other major brands of building blocks. This means you can combine these bricks with the rest of your collection to make all new creations of your own design.

For those curious the Sluban brand is named after the Chinese inventor Lu Ban, renown for his creativity, and the blocks were first produced in 2004.

Repackaging - No Original Box

To insure the safety of the pieces during shipping we will repackage the contents of this set in a more space efficient manner before sending it to you. The pieces will still be in their original sealed plastic bags however they will be packaged more tightly so they don’t move around during transit. If you require the original box please let us know when ordering.

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Number of Pieces 1001