F-15 Hawk Fighter

Manufacturer: J-Star
Product Code: Airforce22
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This set consists of 168 building bricks which can be assembled into a F-15 Hawk fighter plane. All of the blocks and figures are included in the box along with an instruction booklet on how to assemble them.

This set is designed and manufactured by Jie-Star, a popular Chinese building block company who have been selling blocks in the Asian market for several years. The blocks themselves are identical in size and shape to other major brands and are fully compatible with other major brands of building block toys.

Repackaging - No Original Box

To insure the safety of the pieces during shipping we will repackage the contents of this set in a more space efficient manner before sending it to you. The pieces will still be in their original sealed plastic bags however they will be packaged more tightly so they don’t move around during transit. If you require the original box please let us know when ordering.

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Number of Pieces 168